Citrine and Silly Cats

Citrine (9).jpgA richness of Citrine…

Citrine is actually one of my son’s favourite crystals, consequently he has little heaps of it in various parts of his room. Apparently, if you put some in the farthest back left point from your front door, or the door into an individual room, it will attract wealth and abundance… I’m still waiting for that part to happen… It’s a pretty enough crystal, and although my son had brought pieces home before, I had felt no particular ‘vibe’ from them. Most Citrine is actually Amethyst that has been subject to some form of heat treatment, either in its cave of birth, or ‘lab’ conditions, and what some call ‘natural Citrine’ is actually slightly yellow Smoky Quartz. Subsequently there is a range of colours: I have a rough piece that reminds me of a pint of beer, the dark amber body shading to a white, cloudy top. I also have a darker piece, almost sherry coloured that when I held it, brought to mind a boozy older uncle at a family wedding, for some reason…

Citrine (1).jpg

Citrine is a powerful cleanser, both warming and energising. It never needs cleansing itself and is good for encouraging creativity. A typical interpretation is that it absorbs negative energy and returns it to the earth, therefore it is also a useful aura protector. It cleanses the chakras and is linked to the solar plexus and naval chakras, promoting joy and positivity. Citrine boosts self confidence and the enjoyment of new experiences.

I could appreciate Citrine for its prettiness and supposed beneficial metaphysical properties, but I actually felt none of this until my son came home and presented me with one particular piece that resonated with me instantly. It’s about the size of a cherry tomato, only pyramid shaped and I was drawn to it immediately. Rather than the golden yellow of most colours, this piece is actually about the colour of a glass of good quality champagne. Pale and sparkling like winter sunlight, as I held it, I felt almost like the bubbles were going up my nose… It is a happy and energising stone, perhaps one of the best I’ve come across for depression and both draws in and reflects out light and positivity. My son’s crystal lady Lizian pointed out that paler stones are often good for depression since they are light bearing and reflect that quality outwards, rather than brooding and meditative.

Citrine (12).jpgChampagne Citrine!

These captured bubbles of golden sunlight as I said are reminiscent of champagne, and one can often, I presume be silly after champagne… (It’s actually one of the few alcoholic drinks I haven’t tried!) My cats are a delight to me when they indulge in kittenish, silly behaviour; I heard somewhere that this is a behavioural adaptation they have retained in order to manipulate humans… Ting, my Siamese, is a joyful little cat and often plays “chase and wrestle” with her sister, Tooty, who as the bigger cat, usually wins through sheer weight.

Citrine (6).jpg“Get OFF me you great oaf!”

All four of them will take part in the “let’s roll in the dirtiest part of the garden” game, although it’s quite funny to watch. First one drops and rolls ecstatically, waving their legs in the air and wriggling, then the next one, then another, and then usually last, Charlie. The looks I’ve had from people walking past on the park; me, standing there, surrounded by cats on their backs… Usually Charlie is the first to stop rolling, springing lightly to her feet and running away, pausing only to slap a couple of the others as she passes.

Citrine (8).jpg“It’s my bench, I can kill it if I want to.”

They are hysterically funny with catnip mousies: Lily will take one and sit on it, kicking and scuffling. Tooty will clutch it in her front paws and rub it all over her face, wash-cloth style. Ting does pretty much the same, only she manages to cross her eyes as well for the ultimate look of bliss. Charlie is the funniest. Present a mouse to her for approval and she will wrinkle her face as if tasting the fine bouquet…

Hmm, not quite aged enough. Perhaps the pink mousie…”

Then she will take it in her jaws, shake it and fall on her side where she will clutch it to her chest and proceed to deliver a series of ripping and tearing kicky scratches, until worn out, she will stop, her eyes half-closed with the satisfaction of a mouse well killed.

Citrine (10).jpg

In conclusion then, if you’re ever feeling low, then acquire a piece of Citrine, mobile sunshine for the spirit. Perhaps stay away from the catnip mousies though…

Citrine (5).jpg

“Neh neh NEH neh neh, neh”

All photos were taken by my son!


27 thoughts on “Citrine and Silly Cats

  1. I have used citrine on occasion when I’ve needed to feel confident enough to speak my truth without causing an argument – it seemed to help for me.
    That last picture “Tooty” is it? ….. absolutely stunning
    Funny because I once adopted two black kittens who we called Toot and Karmoon …….. unfortunately when I moved house they decided they didn’t like the new house and instead decided to adopt the little old lady over the road ….. I never had the heart to steal them back as she was lonely and the cats were still in watching distance …. bless them …… fickle little critters 🙂
    lovely post 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lily is the last cat pictured, politely sticking her tongue out! Yes, I’m a newcomer to citrine, but it’s a lovely uplifting stone, funny how some work for you and some don’t. That’s sweet how you “fostered” your cats out, but what a good cause. Thank you, as always, for reading and your kind comment x


    1. Yes four cats, all different colour eyes: Ting has blue, Tooty has yellow, Charlie a pale green and Lily dark green…amethyst is good as jewellery, it’s very protective and wards off negativity. My son bought me an amethyst pi shape which I always wear.

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  3. I love your writing and your expressions about these crystals… and I am learning too. 🙂 The colours are amazing and seems they have a good pieces to have around… But you know, cats are the best for me 🙂 Blessing them. You write amazing and your son takes beautiful photographs, you are both great team. Thank you, Love, nia


  4. Great pictures and explaination of the Citrine. Granny has to put one in her purse for the least you have a stone in it instead of nothing…MOL..just joking 😉 Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤


  5. I’ve had only a casual interest in the New-Age/ancient-wisdom definitions of crystals. I like them for their color, the way they refract light, and being able to see into them. Who knows — maybe the occasional joy I get from looking at them or handling them is a product of their mystical powers.

    You seem to have your own power to entertain, most likely completely unrelated to your citrine. You make me laugh and feel warm and cat-furry inside. Thanks for that. But the coughing up hairballs as I type? Not so grateful for that. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just liking crystals for their colour is fine, which ever way you view it, ultimately the effect is positive : ) Some, like red Jasper don’t do anything for me at all, it’s a matter of experimentation really. Thank you for your kind remarks, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading! Um, as for the hairballs, perhaps keep a piece of kitchen towel handy…

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  6. Good advice! [She grabs a paper towel.] See, I like red Jasper, heck, I like ALL Jasper, but I never associated that affinity with anything other than the colors and swirliness and tiny windows into the stone. I’m not ready to say it does anything for me, either.

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    1. That’s fine, I like to relate my personal experiences with various crystals and it’s interesting to hear what other people think too – love your description “tiny windows”, very apt especially for orbicular Jasper! Thank you for reading and commenting

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