Bloodstone and Biting


I have been bitten quite a few times by a variety of animals. I suppose, being the daughter of a veterinary surgeon, it was inevitable, but really…

The first bite I recall in detail was from a hamster. I was only little, and this hamster had been bought to replace my much-loved precious hamster, Gogo. It latched onto my finger with the ferocity of a piranha and refused to let go… after that, we downsized to gerbils, charming little animals that I am pleased to say are one of the few things which haven’t bitten me…

My sister expressed a desire for rats. They bit me. My family had horses. They bit me. My mother acquired an orphan lamb. That bit me too (and the dogs…) What can I say? I soon learned to approach all animals with respect, but apparently, I am just one of those people destined to be on the receiving end of animals’ teeth.

errysnoutSneaky dog tooth…

And beaks. I’ve been bitten by a swan, geese, cockatiels and budgies. Knowing that I am personally conscientious enough to have kept up with my tetanus shots and inoculations, I have been called upon to break up dog fights when my mother’s dogs were attacked (Mum’s dogs were fine…) and I’ve also been bitten by quite a few cats. At this point I must emphasise if you are ever bitten – by anything – then wash the wound thoroughly with antiseptic, seek medical attention if necessary…

Having said that, both our cats and dogs teeth need the same care and attention as our own. You can get specially formulated dental chews to help clean their teeth, dry kibbles can help keep teeth clean and healthy or if you’re feeling particularly brave you can clean your cats’ teeth with a toothbrush and special toothpaste.

This, theoretically, should be easy enough to do if you start early enough and the animal is trained to accept it… or so I’ve been told. My one ambitious forray into dental care for my cats did not end well…

Come here Charlie, look! Mummy’s got a lovely thing to show you! You like being brushed, let’s brush your teeth…”

Aaaah! What are you DOING! Leave me alone, help! Murder!”



We never spoke of it again. Since then, I’ve stuck to specially formulated dental chews and the occasional trip to the vet to remove tartar.

aaahSay:” AAAHHH”

Perhaps I should arm myself with Bloodstone for my next foray into dental practise… I personally don’t use it, but it is a powerful healer and excellent blood cleanser. A typical interpretation is that it is a very good grounding and protecting stone, imbuing the wearer with courage, yet showing how to avoid dangerous situations. It will keep out undesirable influences and can help enhance decision making. Most notably, Bloodstone is a powerful healer – always useful! – as it is an energy cleanser and can help stimulate the immune system. Linked to the lower chakras, it can cleanse and realign them.

bloodyellBloodstone is also referred to as Green Jasper, and the red ‘blood spots’ are bits of iron oxide… There is a myth that it was the stone around the foot of Christ’s cross and the blood is His…

I know that if I ever go anywhere where they have animals that are big enough to eat me, I am seriously considering having an outfit of Bloodstone made…

Where’s your mother…?”

Oh, she’s just over there, breaking up a fight between a crocodile and a lion.”


36 thoughts on “Bloodstone and Biting

  1. You must be a connoisseur of bites. You seem to have been bitten by most pet type animals. You would be dead if you were a vet. Just as well your dad is the vet.

    The info about the Bloodstone is very interesting. I hadn’t heard of the religious myth.


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  2. Ha, I’ve been bitten for a hamster, a rat, dogs, cats, a hedgehog, both of my horses and one that wasn’t mine…I’ll never learn. Lovely post, as always 🙂 And the last line made me chuckle 🙂


      1. I was just wondering: when you see a climbable tree, can you resist it? Maybe you’re my soulmate 🙂 Ah, I was a hyperactive child so all the biting was my fault, not the animals’ (apart from the ladybird’s)

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      2. I’ve been known to climb a few trees in my time…who else would show the kids!! The ladybird deliberately bit me too so I think they.are actually nasty creatures..people are taken in by their “cute” appearance…

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    1. Glad you enjoyed reading and thank you for your nomination! How could I resist with a name like “Black cat blue sea”…I’ll try to get it sorted for tomorrow or the day after when my son can help me with the technical stuff.


  3. Great entry! After reading it I’m interested in bloodstone and have written it down to research later today. I don’t know much about crystals or gemstones other than they mine tourmaline in Maine where I now live. I’m sure it’s found elsewhere too. I’m fascinated by their many colors with exception of the “watermelon” tourmaline. Your animal bites brought forth an incident in my life that I thought was relegated to ancient history. When my children were younger we got on the Habitrail craze and bought two hamsters, Chip & Dale. After several months of hamster bliss one escaped the kingdom of loops, trails and circles we’d created. Now it’s no secret that I fear what I refer to as “critters” which is anything from a mouse to blood curdling fisher screaming in the New England woods. Our neighbor came over, caught the hamster but dropped it when his finger was bitten. At a loss, I finally called the police. By the time one arrived the hamster was under our kitchen sink. I quickly told the officer where the escapee was. He looked at me and said “What do you want me to do? Shoot it?”. Took a few seconds to register that he was using sarcasm but when it did I just asked if he had protective gloves that he could use to pick it up with. Fortunately he did, the hamster went back into its kingdom and peace returned to the land. Needless to say I tightened and secured all fittings and there were no further escapes. By the time Chip & Dale went to the big Habitrail in the sky, my kids were older so no replacements.
    On a side note, I didn’t realize your father was a veterinarian. Great profession but since I visit them more than my human doc I’m probably biased. I know I pay them more! Next pup I’m getting pet insurance.

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    1. Had to forcibly restrain my son from packing his bag and grabbing his passport when he heard you live in Maine…! Not everyone responds to the same crystals, but I’m pleased you’re going to have a look! And…oh dear, I started absolutely crying with laughter as I read further down and saw your hamster tale!!! Tears rolling down my cheeks, the lot! That has to be the best ever, calling the police…sorry for the trauma the hamster caused and I know from personal experience they’re like little bulldogs when they bite…By the way, I would DEFINITELY get pet insurance…vets are extremely well paid and although I am estranged from my father now, last I heard he’s quite comfortable.
      Thank you for reading and your great comment!


  4. Never been bitten yet! Interesting to read the Bloodstone facts, particularly the one about it being good for your immune system. My youngest hasn’t been to well of late and a boost to her immune system would definitely be a good idea. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I worked for a time as an alternative therapist in reflexology and aromatherapy. At the time I felt very tuned into life and intuitive. I do miss it sometimes but writing has become my passion. So I incorporated my love of crystals into my first manuscript.

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