Spiders: Part 3

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This. Has. To. Stop. Right now. Or I’m leaving. It’s not even September.

The other day, I was sorting through my wardrobe and I found a blouse I’d forgotten I had. I thought I would try it on. I removed my glasses, took my shirt off and exchanged it for the other one. I didn’t put my glasses back on.

I went to look in the bathroom mirror, to straighten the collar. I saw something on my shoulder – couldn’t quite make out what it was. I returned to the bedroom to put my glasses on and had another look. The dark blur resolved itself into something unmentionable. There, upon my shoulder, beaming happily at me, was the largest spider outside of nature programmes I have ever seen. The breath died in my throat. The spider raised a foreleg in friendly greeting. The spell of horror was broken as I ripped – yes, ripped – all – yes, all – my clothes off and run screaming through the house. The cats watched:

What’s up with her then?”

Oh, I reckon she might have found a little something I left for her…” This, from Lily, who has a somewhat warped sense of humour. (Dead mice on the bedside table, half a mouse in the kitchen sink, that sort of thing.)

SMOKADAQUAR.jpgSome pieces of Smoky Quartz, excellent for protection and deflecting negativity…

Having reached the safety of the kitchen, it was daytime, so of course all the blinds were open – sorry neighbours – I thought to myself, it would be safe enough to go back and check… I edged carefully up the stairs and peered cautiously around the corner into the bedroom. It had gone. (Well, really, what did I expect? The spider parading up and down in front of the mirror: “Hmm, I could do with a smaller size, but the colour’s not too bad…”)

I lifted the blouse up. No spider. I put my jeans back on. No spider. I haven’t found it yet. So, it’s still in the house, somewhere, with me… It’s a large one. Large enough for me to harness it to a shopping trolley and go racing off to town like some modern day Roman charioteer…

Oh, excuse me, I see it now, galloping past the kitchen doorway, one of my bras clutched in its jaws…

FrogMum with Speeder (3).jpeg

All photos were taken by my son!

21 thoughts on “Spiders: Part 3

  1. One of the reasons I have always rather admired James Bond is the forceful way in which he despatched that larger spider in the first Bond movie, Dr No. Spiders- me no like!


    1. That is precisely why I’ve never seen “Dr.No”…I had to leave the room when a re-run of “Arachnophobia” was on and I embarrassed my son in a bookshop when I picked up a book on phobias. Of course, there was a spider pictured on the cover, I screamed and threw the book…we left the shop rapidly and haven’t been back since!!

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      1. If they do spot them they are excellent hunters and they not only kill but also appreciate the protein snack and clean up. The spotting is the problem, but holding a cat in front of me facing the spider until it moves and becomes a target, is better than throwing a book … (yeah I’m nuts lol)

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  2. I’ll try that, I’ve not heard that one. Conkers are supposed to do the same thing, but they don’t work- I’ve tried them! Also the cats and spiders sometimes collaborate to play nasty jokes…


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