Who? Me??

3 Day Quote Challenge… 

Day #1

Thank you to Shell’s Shizzle for nominating me for this challenge… Go and have a look at her blog, she writes some lovely things!


But under the fur, whatever colour it may be, there still lies, essentially unchanged, one of the world’s free souls.

Eric Gurney, from ‘How to Live With a Calculating Cat’



Cats do not merely demand civilisation. They create it.

T.O Beachcroft



I lack all certainty

yet still I hope

that at the edge of death I’ll see

a small cat racing from the dark to welcome me

Pam Brown


My nominations are:

Crazy Cat Mama




The Rules Are:

Post 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days

Nominate 3 new blogs each day


Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoy it!


All photos were taken by my son!

12 thoughts on “Who? Me??

  1. Thank you! I have four cats, the tabby is Charlie, the one in the bath is Tooty, her sister is Ting Tong, a Siamese, and another black cat called Lily. I liked the quotes because they show the beauty and intelligence of cats, as well as the bond between animal and human…Thank you for reading and your kind comment!

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  2. Love this! I began as a “dog” person but through the years have added “cat mom” to my growing list of titles. Completely different personalities than dogs in that less overt, less demanding. But they definitely don’t lack personality ~ just more subtle and at times more clever. I’m currently struggling with some new behavior from my 6 year old girl, Buffy. This morning in desperation I asked if she was entering “catapause”. I’ll let you know if she answers!

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