M y first piece of Iron Pyrite – a magical golden bean…

Cats are unique in the Animal Kingdom in that they can purr. A sustained vibration of the vocal chords as they breathe in and out that usually signifies happiness and contentment, it starts when they are kittens with their mother as they knead and suckle, and stays with them throughout their lives, a memory perhaps of when they were babies and first felt warm, safe and protected.

Cats don’t always necessarily purr when they are happy, some purr when they are frightened to comfort themselves, or when they have been injured, to stimulate healing and repair, as recent scientific research has discovered. The wonderful blogs askNapi and Castle Vets Reading recently both did excellent posts on purring and the health benefits of owning a pet in far more detail than me…!

I love the sound of cats purring. To me, it will always be a sound I associate with comfort and love. I have always been an uneasy sleeper. It started when I was very young, and suffered from night terrors. The only way my mother could persuade me to sleep was by allowing my cat, Snoopy, into my room and on the bed, where he would curl, stoically, and proceed to watch over me, the deep bass rumble of his purr keeping the sleep demons at bay. I rang the Cat’s Protection League the other day and was entranced to hear that while I was on hold, instead of music, they played a cat purring… I was almost sorry when my call was answered…

Four Kitties (2)Four corners to my bed, Four angels round my head…

My current four girls all have different purrs and it takes varying degrees of persuasion to get them to purr. My Siamese is the easiest, a simple remark:

Who’s beautiful then?” will set her off.

Oh, you must mean me, thank you, if you insist…” and she rumbles away like a little engine.

Lily is the hardest, but usually a throat rub will begin the tiniest vibration of the smallest purr. Tooty will purr to attract attention:

I’m here, go on, you know you want to stroke me…”

But with Charlie, you have to massage the back of her neck in just the right place to conjure up her melodic purr.

I will never forget my sons’ smiles when they were little, and I showed them how to stroke my cat gently, without hurting him. Walter was the best of cats, forbearing, tolerant, and the smiles on their faces as he rewarded them with purrs as their little fingers learned the texture of cat fur!

Precious Walter 1My beloved cat Walter,  18th March 1993 – 11th February 2010

Obviously then, cats are beneficial not only on a psychological level, but also on a physical level, much like Pyrite. Iron Pyrite is a lovely, positive stone. You could almost touch the healing that vibrates throughout it, like a contented cat’s purr. A typical interpretation is that it banishes inertia and feelings of inadequacy and deflects harm, as it is an excellent energy shield. Emotionally, it can help with melancholy whilst physically it treats bones and stimulates cell formation, perhaps resonating at the same frequency as a cat’s purr.

WP_20160527_10_43_41_Pro (2)A stunning example of a Pyrite Sun (thanks as always to Lizian) that reminds me of a Viking god’s war shield!

My chief procurer of crystals, my son, brought me my lovely piece of Pyrite one day. I was taken at once with its tactile shape and feeling of solidity and strength. Dressed in a uniform shade of dull gold, it is not perhaps the prettiest crystal I’ve ever owned, but it is confident, unassuming ‘worker’ stone as I have discovered. It helps to manage the arthritis in my hip, as warming and soothing as a hot water bottle.

WP_20160527_10_44_17_Pro (2)Rough Iron Pyrite, or Fool’s Gold as it is sometimes called (thank you Lizian once again!) it looks like something that ought to be part of a dragon’s hoard!

Pyrite and purring, comfort and warmth. Cats and companionship, I am grateful to all my cats, the successive generations of my feline family who have purred a soothing soundtrack of love through some of my darkest moments.

All photos were taken by my son!

15 thoughts on “Pyrite and Purring

  1. I love cats’ purr, too! I don’t know how people can live without a daily dose of it. Our cat Darcy (no longer with us) had a loud, masculine, pretty scary purr that would wake us up in the night (his bum on my face would finish the job). Ulysses is a constant purrer and Charlie’s purr is almost inaudible…Your girls are really lovely and I love the fact they sleep on the same bed but respecting one another’s personal space

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  2. Yes I love how cats all have their own individual purrs, part of their uniqueness! Never been woken up by a bum in the face (!!) but it is a little disconcerting to wake up to a cold nose and blue eyes millimetres away from yours “hi, were you sleeping?”… Thank you for reading and commenting, pleased you enjoyed it !


  3. “Four corners to my bed, Four angels round my head…”
    Beautiful post dear Samantha, and I loved how you described them… You know how much I love cats. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness to you all, Love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This was a great post, I feel relaxing even because it made me imagine my own cats’ purrs which are very calming. I can’t wait to get home now so I can cuddle them and hear their own unique purrs! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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