Charoite and Cat’s Claws

Any cat owner will have undoubtedly been on the receiving end of a scratch from a velvet paw armed with scimitars… I’ve had my fair share; from my old tabby who rarely scratched but one day caught me with his back paw as I was wearing a low necked top and emblazoned me with a Zorro-like mark across my cleavage. It hurt at the time, but I have a permanent reminder of him scored into my skin. Most recently, my Siamese got her claw so deeply hooked into my skin it took my son to manoeuvre her out of my poor finger. It wasn’t done in spite, just an accident as she caught me instead of her toy. All coherent thought deserted me, I just remember thinking: “Oh, don’t scream, Samantha, you’ll frighten the cat…” I have a purple scar about a millimetre long on my index finger, but, oh my God, it didn’t half hurt!

Cats’ claws and their health are extremely important to our feline friends. I don’t hold with de-clawing at all unless there is something like an underlying infection, as you are removing a vital element of their self-defence equipment. Cats need to scratch to exercise their muscles and shed the dead claw sheaths, so a scratch post suitable for their height whilst on their back legs is an essential piece of house furniture. They can climb it, stretch up it, scratch it, pole dance around it… and it saves on soft furnishings and wallpaper! (There’s a bald patch behind the sofa that I am afraid to confess to…)

WP_20160515_15_14_14_Pro (2)

Random dog paw – no, actually, it’s my mother’s German Shepherd’s paw with beautifully kept nails. Just a reminder, dogs’ nails need maintenance too, but don’t cut too close to the quick, very painful for them

Most cats don’t go out of their way to scratch you, my Siamese and her sister sometimes get over-enthusiastic when they wrestle, tufts of cream and black fur fly, till one kicks just a little too hard… then both parties retire to nurse wounded pride. (By the way, I must emphasise if you are scratched or bitten, wash the wound thoroughly, apply antiseptic, seek medical attention if necessary… you know the procedure!) Some cats, such as Siamese, are unable to fully retract their claws, so they wear down naturally. We have wooden floors and my Siamese sounds as if she’s modelling the latest fashion in high heels:

Louboutins? Soooo last year… Everyone’s wearing cat claws…”

My tabby, although the fiercest cat, is also the gentlest when it comes to reprimands. My son has been the recipient of many a slap from a soft little paw, claws sheathed in precious toes, but the slap delivered hard enough to sting!

WP_20151011_12_42_50_Pro (2)My Princess’ precious ginger toes – claws carefully put away!

Charoite (pronounced Kar-oh-ite) reminds me of a delicate, hand-made soap. It is usually purple and white (its other name is Purple Seraphanite,) the main colour being white, with delicate lines of purple etched through it – not unlike the way a cat’s claws etch skin… A typical interpretation is that being a stone of transformation, it can help with overcoming fear and aid emotional and physical healing. It connects with the higher chakras and cleanses auras. Essentially, it will recycle negative energy into healing and can help with depression.

Charoite reminds me of lavender flowers, pressed between layers of finest cream soap. Another new stone for me, thanks to my son and his crystal wise lady ( I was entranced by it the moment I held it and felt its waxy texture. As I traced its lilac markings, I could feel acceptance and positivity.

Curtains and cat claws, Charoite and healing. A lovely positive stone that vibrates at a high level to instill positivity and health, not unlike the proven benefits of owning a pet. I know I draw endless comfort from my cats, and even in my darkest moments, somehow the world seems a better place because I am fortunate enough to share this life with my cats.

All photos were taken by my son!

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