I have mentioned previously that colours are very important to me, they affect my moods, and although I tend to dress monochromatically, I enjoy the variety of colours the world has to offer, a visual banquet if you will. I follow a lovely blog, whose stunning imagery and lyrical descriptions enthral me ( She commented on my earlier post (Pink) about the colour red. The quality of her blog inspired me to look again at a colour that until now, I have dismissed.

My son’s favourite colour is red and as soon as he could, he insisted upon painting his room red. “Oh no!” I thought. “It will be like being inside a giant mouth!” To be fair, it’s a warming red, reminiscent of coal embers and his room always seems the warmest in the house. In winter, you’ll find him generally accompanied by at least three cats, the budgie, and even myself on occasion, enjoying the illusion of heat.

The featured photo is a collectible glass paper weight my mother bought my son when he was little. “Red! Red!” he exclaimed ecstatically as he opened it on Christmas day. To me, it spoke of Elizabeth Taylor, her love and eye for fabulous gems. Hence its posing in fur (fake, of course) reclining and languorous, Elizabeth playing Cleopatra.

I tend towards paler colours of flowers, the white satin sheen of lilies, honey gold of daffodils and the delicate Impressionist palette. One birthday I was given American Beauty red roses. I was fascinated by them and the glamorous velvet depths of their petals. The little flower below is actually a viola. It appeared as an imposter in my mother’s hanging basket originally coloured blues and violets. I admired its cheeky presence and noticed another variation of red, a subtle burgundy undertone.

Red Fler

The crystal world is full of reds, relating to the root chakra. Rubies of course, like droplets of mythic blood, garnets, earthy and sensual, drawn up from the centre of the world, molten lava made touchable. Carnelians are a cornucopia of colour, ranging from pink to orange to red. Bounty from the centre of the earth, harnessing its power and working with us. Sunrises and sunsets, another wonder of Nature, carnelians in the sky…


(My son’s Alamandine Garnet… Luscious!)

My two black cats love red. They have a red blanket they like to lie on and knead…

“Black and red, don’t you know it’s the new colour combo this season…” My Siamese is impartial:

“Dahlings, with blue eyes you can use any colour…” while my tabby prefers colours that harmonise with her own fur.


(My Siamese posing – “Make sure I’m in focus!”)

Obviously, a lot of food items such as fruit and vegetables are red. Peppers fascinate me, another culinary rainbow, along with their cousin tomato. When I was a little girl, tomatoes were red and red only – now you can get them in green, yellow, tiger stripes! When I have salad I have a childish satisfaction buying all the colours of tomato and arranging them in traffic lights: (“Mum! I’m sixteen not six!”)

This apple and tomato lent themselves beautifully to my quest for red – then the colour fairy smiled on me and added a ladybird!



All photos were taken by my son!


3 thoughts on “Red

  1. Fire opals are beautiful, my grandmother used to have a snow opal that was impressive…I think opals aid self-expression and creativity and strengthens the will to live. The sandstone sounds interesting, I’ve only ever seen fossils in it.


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