Jaspers and Gingers

The world of Jaspers and ginger cats is infinite and varied. There is a rainbow of Jaspers, a crystal for every occasion, likewise the patterns on ginger cats (and tabby cats for that matter!) are all unique to the individual cat.

I have only owned one ginger cat called, originally enough, Ginger, but he was large and tigerish, a bounty of russets, gold and auburn. He was a stolid individual with no pretensions to anything other than being a cat, but there was one time when he gave me a hideous surprise. We lived in a small terraced house at the time, inner city, with no gardens or parks. My Ginger had only a concrete jungle to rule over, yet he was lord and master of all he surveyed.

One evening, he returned home, summoning me with the special meow that means: “I’ve got a little something for you…” I opened the door and looked down. His amber eyes wide with pleasure, he laid the largest goldfish I have ever seen at my feet. Now, remember, we lived in a city, no parks or water nearby, so where had he been? I didn’t know anyone who had a pond in their backyard. Perhaps he’d been in a house and stolen from a fish tank. It was definitely a goldfish, a very large and very dead goldfish. I never found out where it came from, but to be honest, I didn’t ask too many questions. The deceased scaly one had a discreet burial in the back yard and we never spoke of it again.

I love the variety of gingers, they always strike me as a humorous sort of cat, perhaps due to ‘Garfield’, the loveable cartoon cat, with a razor sharp wit and insatiable hunger for lasagna. Jasper (good name for a ginger cat!) is a lovely and varied stone, as generous in its properties as in its forms. It is known as the ‘supreme nurturer’ and helps to bring tranquility and unity into your life, releasing stress and encouraging empathy. Landscape (or Picture) Jasper is typically said to be Mother Earth communicating with her children, bringing messages from the past and promoting harmony. My particular favourites are Ocean Jasper and Poppy Jasper. The Ocean Jasper pieces I have remind me of the cold Northern seas, green and deep, with the icy crests of waves interlocking across its surface. As a crystal, it is calming and strengthening. I was drawn to Poppy Jasper during last year’s Remembrance Week. As its name suggests, it has splashes of red against a usually dark background, and as a crystal can bring happiness. (I have a piece that looks like strawberry cheesecake!)

WP_20160505_11_02_00_Pro(Okay, from the top and left to right: Dalmatian Jasper, Landscape Jasper x2, Ocean Jasper x3, Poppy Jasper, Leopardskin Jasper, Poppy Jasper, Leopardskin Jasper, Poppy Jasper,  Red Jasper, Poppy Jasper, Red Jasper, and my cheesecake Poppy Jasper!)

  I could go on… and on… Blue Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Red Jasper. A rainbow of minerals, but the overall benefit of carrying a piece of Jasper is the sense of tranquility it can bring. I remember my Ginger with love for the tranquility and peace he brought me at a dark time in my life. 

All photos were taken by my son!


8 thoughts on “Jaspers and Gingers

  1. Thank you! My son takes the pictures, I just tell him what I’d like and where…I’m trying to stay away from things like unicorns, but crystals are lovely subjects, as are cats! Thank you for reading and pleased you enjoyed it!

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  2. This was so beautiful, I haven’t read such a beautiful writing with cats and crystals… I loved so much. Photographs are so nice too… Thank you, I am so glad to meet with you and with your blog. Love, nia


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