Vets and Vaccinations

(Cross cat face!)

It’s that time of year again, that I have carefully budgeted for – booster time for the girls! Now, this requires a certain degree of planning, mainly because my son and I can only manage two at a time on the bus.

That in itself is traumatic enough. You have a pet carrier, you automatically become the focus of attention of the whole bus. Peoples’ eyes lock onto it, trying to fathom what mysterious creature it could possibly contain. A wildebeest? An iguana? No, it’s that mythical animal ‘THE CAT’.

Having endured the bus journey and obvious statements:

Are you going to the vet?”

No, the cat’s adding to her frequent traveller credits…” then there is getting the cat out of the carrier. They got wise to the tipping-it-up-slowly method so they slide out like a jelly onto a plate, and now they brace their legs against the sides, necessitating a swift dis-assemble of the carrier. Once out, their behaviour cannot be predicted. My tabby will roll in on herself like a furry armadillo and steadfastly refuses any attempts by our vet to make friends. (She’s a ‘cat person’ and would love to charm my princesses, but they remain indifferent to her “puss, pussing” and chin tickles.) My Siamese buries her head in my arms and won’t look.

No! No! Don’t look at me! I haven’t had time to do my face!”

WP_20160507_13_05_06_Pro (2)

(My little Amber tree of good fortune, Amber is a natural analgesic, healer and stress reliever!)

My older black cat grips like glue to anything – the table, my face, my son’s coat – while the younger one metamorphoses into mercury and attempts to pour off the edge of the table…

Having had the requisite injections, then a repeat of the arduous bus journey…

Ooo, is ‘e poorly then?”

No, she’s just had her booster…”

Bad things them boosters, they put the disease inside you.”

By this point, I am crying inside and the cat is calling on her tiger powers, ripping at the carrier and screaming: “Let me out! I know you’re out there! You’ll be sorry…”

Once home, they return to their normal, loving selves: “Oh we’re so glad to be home! We missed you chair, we missed you table, we missed you carpet…” as they rub their chins ecstatically against the furniture.

My son is due for his booster. He asked me doubtfully what they put in vaccines. Unable to offer a reply, he searched it on the Internet. He wasn’t happy… He refused to go in the carrier, I had to tempt him in with a chocolate biscuit, he shouted all the way on the bus, then when we were at the doctor’s, he bit the nurse… 


(Apophylite cluster – can also help with the relief of stress, tension and anxiety…)

All photos were taken by my son!

3 thoughts on “Vets and Vaccinations

  1. Ah yes cats and vet…. I can almost see the picture…. But your amber tree is amazing 🙂 How did you make this? Fascinated me. Thank you dear Samantha, Love, nia


    1. I’ m not skilled enough to make something as pretty as the tree…it was a present from my mother, but the lady makes them from gold wire and tiny pieces of Baltic amber. It’s bendy too, so you can twist it into any shape. Thank you for reading : )

      Liked by 1 person

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