Midweek Post – Happy Ever After


The crystal pictured above is Aragonite (thanks again to https://lizianblog.com/ for the stunning example as photographed by my son). A typical interpretation of its abilities are that it can encourage conservation and empathy for the Earth, to assist its healing and relieve geopathic stress. Emotionally, Aragonite can help reduce anger and resentment…

The subject of today’s post is a short story that I wrote and submitted to the Copper Staple (https://copperstapleblog.com/). The ethos behind this is to give writers a chance to be published on any subject that they choose to write about… Go and have a look…

Anyway, here is my first attempt at a short story…


Happy Ever After

She lay upstairs in her bed, alone in the dark. Downstairs, the television thundered and roared, making sleep a distant probability.

That day she had been reprimanded for wanting the heating on – it was a very cold day. She had bought the wrong sort of meat for dinner and had to and had to return to the shop, smiling and pleading for an exchange and a signed receipt. Crisis averted, after a timed toilet break she had retreated to the haven of her bed, desperate for some peace to still her pounding heart before he joined her, grunting and snoring.

During the night, as she turned over carefully not to wake him, she had a revelation.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can accept this life and move on, or you can change. Just remember how you used to be.

She remembered. She had been bright and beautiful, full of wit and charm, not afraid to express an opinion, and have her intelligence treated with respect.

How had this changed? Over the next few days, she tried to gather back her pieces of self-esteem and confidence, whilst trying to think intelligently of an escape route. The idea came to her as she was cleaning the bathroom, using the specially scented wipes he demanded.

She must kill him.

This did not appeal. The very word was sharp, spiky and violent, alien to her cushioned retreat of wordy romantic novels with thoughtful heroes and clever girls. She had sat quietly through enough reruns of old American detective programs on the television to realise the inevitability of capture after the ice bullet and frozen leg of lamb scenarios.

The stench and gore of stabbing and bludgeoning held no attraction for her, neither did the slyness of poison, creeping and corrupting. These did not go with the aesthetically pleasing beauty of her home, with its sterile surfaces and carefully wiped floors.

Kindness was the way forward.

wp_20160501_11_43_38_pro-2Rose  Quartz, a stone of the heart and unconditional love…

As the days passed, she bore his rebukes smilingly and humbly. Asked for his forgiveness and admired the breadth of his intellect as he held forth on politics and her own character inadequacies. For every reprimand, she offered a foot rub. For every criticism, a soothing massage and favourite meal. She cooked tirelessly and pleasantly, curries, fried chicken and masterful desserts poured from her kitchen.

He grew. His eyes sunk into piggy folds of flesh and his waist line expanded. His heart laboured under the outpouring of her devotion expressed through beautiful meals and ceaseless attention.

Then one night, as she wiped the lavender scented oil from her hands, having delivered a particularly pleasurable foot rub, and leaned in for her dutiful goodnight kiss, his heart went pop. A satisfying pop, unheard, but imagined as the gentle parting of lid from a new bottle of bleach.

She smiled. She straightened her pyjamas, made sure her hair was neat and reached for the telephone to call an ambulance. She had achieved her humble goal. She had killed him with kindness. Or perhaps he died to get away from her.

Who knows?

All photos were taken by my son!

Copyright © 2016 Samantha Murdoch


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