There seems to be the conclusion after years of research and various television programmes that cats only learned to use the meow to speak to humans… Sorry, but I beg to differ, although I am but a humble cat owner of many years, against white-coated scientific superiority…

My Siamese meows all the time. At the other cats. I know Siamese are particularly vocal, but she seems to delight in bellowing a meow in the faces of the others. Obviously she meows at her humans, but the other day she sauntered into the kitchen and “WAAHED”-ed at my older black cat. Was she asking her for food?

You’ll do, you’re a senior cat, open the cat food!” or just:

Hey how you doing?…”

Moonstone is a recent discovery for me, courtesy of my son and his crystal lady. I have several pieces, from rainbow to white to cream, all with individual benefits and the colours remind me irresistibly of cat colours… I aspire to owning a piece of black moonstone – take note, son!

My brown piece seems a plain brown stone until you turn it over and it catches the light, then it bursts into life with a golden sheen, reminiscent of my tabby as she rolls and reveals a golden tummy, delicately spotted with black… A typical interpretation of Moonstone is that it is good for promoting intuition, a stone of new beginnings, but serves as a reminder that we are all part of a continuing cycle of change, just as the moon waxes and wanes. It is primarily a stone of female energy that balances the male-female status. It soothes emotional instability, and provides emotional healing and comfort… much as the comfort and pleasure I derive from stroking my cats.

WP_20160407_14_05_07_Pro (2)

My piece of Brown Moonstone with its golden sparkles… In the corners are Cream Moonstone…

Rainbow Moonstone is a beautiful stone that seems to hold the mysteries of the Universe in its depths. Even in the dullest light, there are sparks of blue and wondrous clouds that bring to mind the Big Bang and creation. Yet even as you wonder at the power of the unknown mysteries of the Universe, there is a reassurance to be felt from holding it, that you can BE so much more. Rainbow Moonstone is said to resonate at a higher level, in tune with the higher chakras to help develop your own psychic abilities.

A beautiful stone, both varied and versatile, pretty much like my cats’ conversations. They all have different meows; my youngest black cat sounds more like a honking goose, my oldest one, a squeaky toy. My Siamese has a constant ‘stream of consciousness’ going on: “Hi, where have you been? I’ve been outside and rolled on the pavement, then I saw an earwig, but it ran away…” My tabby, the smallest but most important cat, only meows when she has something important to say, so everybody will stop and listen.

My son was holding her up outside the front room window once, so she could see me inside – I saw her little mouth move, then when he came in with her, he was crying with laughter…

She saw you and said: ‘My Mama!’”

It’s a proud moment when your baby says her first words…!

All photos were taken by my son!

15 thoughts on “Moonstone and Meows

  1. I tend to have lengthy conversations with one of my cats, Ulysses (I really think he’s more mummy’s boy, very talkative and, dear I say, eloquent). The other, Charlie has learnt he gets a treat when he meows, so his cries are heart-wrenching! I kind of thought cats that the researchers were right and meowing has developed to manipulate people…but then, I’m naive and I’d believe any rubbish scientist…they might have never owned a cat (and definitely not a Siamese!)

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  2. Black moonstone is another stone that looks like nothing special till you catch it in the right light…my son has just shown me a pic of black and fire opals…wow…they ARE amazing…I want one…I want lots…


  3. I appreciate moonstones, too, though I’ve not indulged in collecting them. I have one, white with many colors, almost like a fire opal. Moonstone is one of the three birthstones for June, and that’s my month.

    So. . .I love the title of your blog! Probably I’m bigger on meow speakers than moonstones, but each has its dedicated place. Although, arguably, Effie is ubiquitous. . . .

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  4. My son started my interest in crystals and how they can be helpful, and obviously there are so many variations they lend themselves irresistibly to links with cats! Mine and my son’s birthdays are in July so our birthstones are ruby and garnet. Thank you for reading and following, I couldn’t resist your blog…tabbies rule and Effie is beautiful!

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