Selenite and Siamese


I first encountered Selenite when I attended a Mind, Body and Spirit event with my son. His crystal-wise lady was there with a luscious display… brightly coloured Jaspers jostled for attention, Rose Quartz glowed and beckoned enticingly, but as I looked I was drawn to a plain, unassuming white bar-of-soap sized silky rock. Upon hearing that it can help with insomnia and clear mental confusion, I bought it.


However, there is much more to it than that. A typical interpretation of Selenite is that it brings clarity of mind, helping access to the higher chakras and guidance. In the house, it can ensure a peaceful atmosphere and prevent outside influences taking control. Although it has ancient origins, it’s got quite a good ‘New Age’ vibe going on which seems appropriate in the 21st century where technology is rushing us on and we are losing touch with our own prehistory.

Another drawing of my Siamese – was she sleeping or meditating?

Siamese cats are one of the most ancient cat breeds, traditionally owned by the royal family of Siam. They are supposed to be highly intelligent, graceful, vocal, a practical pinnacle of cat perfection… My Siamese, bless her heart, aspires to her ancient heritage, but is very much a cat of the 21st century with a dash of 60’s hippy chick thrown in for good measure.

Her creamy fur will shine in the sun as she communes with Mother Nature, lying in the grass on her back with her legs in the air, like the sheen on Selenite if you catch it in the right light. Selenite is an excellent focus for meditation, very calming and soothing; my cat is an excellent meditation partner, until her gentle snoring gives her away. I can watch her antics for hours as she stalks butterflies, twisting and leaping like a feline ballerina, or as she wrestles with her sister, Brazilian Capoeira comes irresistibly to mind.


The name “ Selenite “ derives from the Greek word for moon – “Selene” and I cannot help but liken my little cat to the celestial vault…her eyes are the bright blue of a summer’s day and she has a child-like innocence and wonder at the world of today. Yet she appreciates a well-made bed, cat-tech and central heating.

Her engaging innocence and happiness never fails to lift my spirits and her Siamese howl is unmistakeable – wahhh!



All photos were taken by my son!

4 thoughts on “Selenite and Siamese

  1. I was slightly worried because we do get foxes, but I saw my tabby chase a fox off our garden, she was all fluffed up, terrifying! The fox ran away as fast as it’s lovely to commune with nature, if I can say that without sounding too hippyish, but it restores your inner sense of peace x

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  2. Thank you for visiting me and the he kitties at A cat, a book, and a bowl of soup – we are glad to have discovered you!!! Cats and rocks in one blog!?!? The universe is friends with us today it seems…


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