My cats are all keen students of entomology. They’re not particular, any species will do. I don’t mind them observing, I just don’t like the killing; up to now I must bear the guilt of the deaths of thousands of mice and birds, to which I must add flies, moths, beetles etc. upon my conscience.

There have been mornings when I have come downstairs and the front room has resembled a Battle of Britain air fight in miniature, with moth corpses strewn across the floor, tucked onto windowsills and swept under the coffee table. Apparently, cats need the chitin from insects to help whisker growth, although with the quantities of half chewed up corpses I sometimes find, the cats’ whiskers should be at least three foot long…


(A sketch of my Siamese when she was little and I was feeling vaguely arty…)

I was looking at my Siamese in the garden the other day, and she was just tea-cosied on the path, with her nose pressed flat to the ground. She was there for about ten minutes (I didn’t like to disturb her in case she was meditating, or engaged in her part time job of being a rock). I could see her eyes were wide open, so I thought I would be all right to engage her in conversation.

What are you doing?” She looked up at me, with an amused expression,

Look what I’ve found, I don’t know what it is, but it’s quite funny and it wriggles when I do this.” I just managed to glimpse the face of an enraged earwig before my cat pressed her nose on it again, pinning it to the floor…

It’s actually an earwig, and I don’t think it really likes what you’re doing to it…”

Oh well, my shift’s over now, just thought I’d pass the time of day with it.” With that, she stood up and sauntered off, super-model style, leaving me to apologise to the earwig and assure it legal intervention wouldn’t be necessary…

Here’s a question… have any other car owners picked their cat up and run round after an annoying fly in the hopes they were helping the cat catch the fly…?

I hope I’m not alone in this, both the cat and I derive a certain amount of pleasure from this and it’s more ecologically friendly than flyspray… Don’t often catch much.


I have watched my younger black cat track a tiny fly, her yellow eyes wide with excitement as she tried to catch it. My tabby has spent half an hour prodding a woodlouse, entertained by its rolling up, a miniature playball! My older black cat was stung by a bee and her poor little paw was so swollen, she willingly let me run it under cold water and administer first aid.

(“How was I supposed to know they did that? I thought it was a small multi-coloured flying mouse!”)

I am indeed blessed to share my life with four cats… Although I wish they would keep their extra-curricular studies outside where they belong!

All photos were taken by my son!

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