Both are mysterious, dark and mystical. I have two of the former, my son has LOTS of the latter. Ranked black gleaming spheres that invite perusal, pointed shining wands that conjure up pictures of Aztec priests and sacrificial knives.

My two black cats are polar opposites. The younger one has the temperament of a teddy bear and thick plush fur you can sink your fingers in to, like a really good quality carpet. Her eyes are a sunny yellow, and generally match her disposition, happy and loving, surprising given her traumatic start in life.

My older black cat is altogether different. She is a fierce huntress, champion mouse killer and bird catcher, bearing her trophies triumphantly home for praise and admiration. Her dark predatory side mirrors the black hole of Obsidian, drawing you in and awakening pain, fear…

I find black Obsidian overwhelming. A typical interpretation of its abilities is that it helps you confront issues, but these must be dealt with, otherwise the issues will re-occur. It helps self-recognition and confrontation with your darker self to aid reintegration. It must always be used with care and cleansed under running water afterwards. I can’t use it. The yawning chasm of fear and past hurts open in front of me and I do not have the spiritual strength to deal with these right now… Death without mercy rendered by my cat’s claws and teeth, as painful as some memories.


There are gentler incarnations of Obsidian that don’t have the killing cat’s paw affect. Snowflake Obsidian is one that I do find helpful: it balances mind, body and spirit and helps release ingrained negativity gently, while making isolation a strength. My particular piece has the typical ‘snowflake’ pattern scattered across its shiny black surface and as soon as I pick it up, I feel its gentle reassurance and confirmation of strength, peaceful and serene, like winter snow at night. This softer aspect of Obsidian reminds me of my cat, her little head butting my hand for strokes, her sweet chirrup as she greets us, the odd spot of white fur on her chest…

RainbowRainbow Obsidian is a magical variant of its black sibling. Just a little black stone to look at, yet when I picked it up and turned it over, a sweep of pink flashed across its surface, like a delicate sunrise. I turned it back over again, and curvatures of green appeared! Magical! My son’s crystal-wise lady, knowing my hesitance in using Obsidians, suggested I ‘try before I buy’. I trotted around with it in my pocket for half an hour, felt no impending sense of doom, instead a lovely sense of stresslessness and release. It was spiritual, yet protective. So I bought it. I sometimes wake at night and as I turn over, one of my black cats will be there, watching over me with eyes of Amber or Emerald.

Protective, yet spiritual.


All pictures were taken by my son!

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