My son has been crystal shopping again. He visits a lovely, crystal-wise lady once a week and usually comes back with a little something for me too. This week it was Tiger’s Eye, I am not normally drawn to Tiger’s Eye, but this piece felt particularly special. As soon as my son placed it in my hand, I thought: “This reminds me of my cat.”

I examined the piece more closely and it is made up of the most fantastic layers of colour, starting with the rich mahogany brown, shading to milk chocolate, then a shimmering caramel gold with an almost custard yellow stripe to finish. It’s a virtual rainbow of browns and looks good enough to eat, like a very expensive millionaire’s shortbread from an exclusive London tea room.

Tiger’s Eye’s properties are as interesting and varied as its colours – a typical interpretation is that it balances earth and sun energy, to allow the owner or wearer to resonate at a higher level and access psychic energies… It’s a protective  stone that can help with depression and resolving internal conflicts.

I looked at its sleek stripes and thought of tigers, powerful and colourful, and by extension, a certain tiger princess that happens to live with me… my cat. I have four cats, but my tabby cat is definitely number one. She is the smallest, but the most intelligent and rules the other three with a dainty paw of iron. Her fur mirrors the colours of this piece of Tiger’s Eye, chocolate brown and gold, and I don’t know if she’s psychic, but she is mistress of the significant stare. “Get up. I need the door opening.”

She is delicate, yet beautiful, able to make astonishing leaps across the garden in pursuit of any intruder. She is fastidiously clean, yet thinks nothing of leaving a tracery of muddy pawprints in the bath and sink. ” I needed fresh water. You weren’t there.”

I have owned other tabby cats. My previous one lived until he was sixteen and was very much a dignified old man. He had white paws and waistcoat, in the manner of a nineteenth century politician and never bit or scratched. If my son took liberties with his person, he would simply place a white paw upon sticky little fingers and push them away, as if to say: “Now really old chap, not quite the done thing, is it?”

By contrast, Madam Princess is a tornado of unpredictability. One minute she will purr sweetly and gaze up at you adoringly, the next she will slice your hand and bite your ankles out of sheer boredom. She will seize upon a catnip mouse and claw it, yet has never harmed a real mouse. She doesn’t really like the other cats, but will accompany them outside to chase off the ginger tom that dares to intrude upon her territory.

My little cat is indeed an earthy tigress, harnessing all the power of her bigger relatives, yet balancing all this ferocity with an innate spirituality unique to her. I see her at night, sitting on the windowsill contemplating the moon and dreaming of conquering the world. A furry angel.

My life is enriched by sharing it with my cats, and crystals, although I have yet to unlock the mysteries of my Tiger’s Eye stone…



6 thoughts on “Tiger’s Eye and Tabby Cats

    1. Not quite, although both are very nicely named around kitties…! Cat’s eye is a type of chrysoberyl that is normally one whole colour and when cut or polished in a circular shape, it catches the light just right to create a stunning line of light… much like a cat’s eye…

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