First Blog?

Well. Here we are then. My first-ever blog post. (Awkward silence descends, like a blanket over a dinner party when someone mentions something wholly inappropriate like ‘cancer’ or ‘divorce’.)

My son has very kindly set this up for me, seeing as I am no particular whizz at these sorts of ‘techie’ things and now I find I have nothing to say. The whole of cyberspace stretches in front of me, like a barren alien desert just waiting for me to sow seeds of wit, humour and philosophy and wait for them to blossom…

Self-doubt is setting in. Why did I ever think a passing couple of people might be interested in what I have to say, or at the very least find it amusing. I suppose writing is like pulling out part of your insides for people to inspect: “Eww, look at the state of her lungs” and “Ooh, are intestines supposed to be that colour?” But these are thoughts that I am putting out for your viewing…

In a way, for me, this is a form of catharsis (CBT anyone?) and a way of letting out all the random stuff that rattles round in my head like a woodlouse in a cup and making it nice and orderly. I can be quite obsessive…

My son’s friend and mentor gave him the opportunity and incentive to write and when I enquired as to whether I could perhaps pen a few humble lines, my son’s mentor replied “Of course.” With those two simple words I felt like shackles had been lifted from my mind. Thank you for that.

My head stuff, wandering around out there in cyberspace. Cool.

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